Department of Translation and Multilingual Communication

Academic Team Leader: Prof. Omondi Oketch

BA, (Moi University) MA (Maseno University) PhD (University of Western Cape)

The Department of Translation and Multilingual Communication offers courses in language translation, language interpretation and multilingual communication. It is established in recognition of the fact that the world is now a global village that involves people from varying linguistic proficiencies and as such competency in a various languages including Chinese, French, German, Spanish and sign language have become vital resources for survival. In addition to this the students are taught courses in translation and interpretation in both theory and practice in order to prepare learners to engage effectively in a globalized multilingual world.  The Department recognizes that learners are likely to use these languages in bi-and multilingual settings as such, effective multilingual communication constitutes a major component of the courses in the department. Furthermore, the Department also offers Sign Language with an aim to training competent signers in a multicultural context. The department aims at producing competent signers, translators, interpreters, intercultural communication experts and researchers in multilingual communication. The specific remit of the Department shall cover: translation and interpretationmultilingual communication, and cultural context of language.

Academic programmes:

There are no academic programmes at the moment although the process of developing the programmes is underway.