Department of Kiswahili and African Languages

Academic Team Leader: Prof, Ochieng Orwenjo

B.Ed, MA (Kenyatta University) PhD (University of Frankfurt)

The Department of Kiswahili and African Languages at The Technical University of Kenya offers learners the opportunity to learn local both local and regional African languages. In so doing the department contributes towards preservation of African languages, especially some of the endangered languages through documentation and spread of their active use in technologically enabled forms. The Department specifically recognizes the importance of Kiswahili as both a national and official language in Kenya, besides being a lingua franca in the East and Central African region.  Proficiency in Kiswahili language will improve our graduates’ marketability and provide expanded opportunities for them in thejob market. Additionally, through its programmes, the Department will provide the opportunity for other Kiswahili users to perfect their language skills.

The Department provide an opportunity for students and the wider public to learn other local and regional African languages such as Lingala, Dholuo, isiZulu, and Luganda. This will help in preserving such languages, hence reducing the danger for extinction. The Department further aims at contributing towards building the competence of language experts who can augment the teaching of African languages in primary schools and thereby help local learners improve their conceptual development before learning a second language.

Academic programmes:

There are no academic programmes at the moment although the process of developing the programmes is underway.