About the Centre


The Centre for Language and Communication Studies (CLCS) is established by the Technical University of Kenya within the framework of the university’s newly established structure, and in line with its mission and vision. In line with the mission and vision of The Technical University of Kenya, The center is envisaged to have a triple mandate focusing on research, teaching and consultancy. Accordingly, the centre intends to offer professional courses designed to empower students and staff at TUK, and the general public with broad and practical knowledge in language use and transferable communication skills in everyday interaction. The Centre offers distinctive modular courses aimed at bridging language and communication skills deficit that is now common among University graduates in Kenya. The main purpose is to develop the foreign language and communication skills of students at all levels, as well as to promote intercultural understanding and play a part in the internationalisation of the university.



To provide quality language and communication training, consultancy and research services


The main objectives guiding the activities of the Centre for Language and Communication Studies are:

To equip students and the general public with broad and practical knowledge in language use and communicative competencies necessary for everyday interaction.
To conduct high grade research that responds to the modern world’s challenges of understanding the complex and evolving language and communication environments
To provide high quality academic education in language and communication studies.
To provide relevant professional development courses on languages and communication, workshops and seminar to students, staff and members of the public
To forge local and international collaborations and coo-operations in the areas of languages and communication studies between TUK and other institutions


The Centre, housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology, is currently composed of the following departments:

Department of Modern and Classical Languages
Department of English and Creative Writing
Department of Translation and Multilingual Communication
Department of Kiswahili and African languages

Teaching and research in the above departments currently focus primarily (but not exclusively) on the following areas: Communication Skills, French, German and Kenyan Sign Language (KSL). Teaching in these areas takes place within the corresponding units alongside research and consultancy.


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